Key Benefits of Using Cloud Based Business Solution


Customer Benefits

Eliminates Capital Cost and Decreases Monetary Risk.

  • The vendor pays for a shared multi-tenant infrastructure.

  • Users access solutions through a Web browser.

  • Users pay a monthly or annual per-user subscription fee.

  • Business and financial risk is reduced.

  • Trial version are available for subscription before buying.

Facilitates Faster Deployment and Productivity

  • Ensures fast and accurate functioning.

  • No IT-Infrastructure is required. The project functions completely under the control of the designated department.

  • Applications can be accessed from anywhere, at any time through a Web browser.

  • Everyone in the organization, having the access rights can view the real-time data in the software.

Streamlines Usage and Management

  • Web-based self-service access to business solutions.

  • The vendor manages and updates the infrastructure.

  • There is no software to maintain and upgrade.

  • Automated upgrades to new versions of applications and functionality are provided.

  • IT can focus on other projects and initiatives.

Increases Flexibility

  • Cloud based applications are easy to configure and tailor to individual requirements.

  • Automatic, seamless upgrades to avoid version lock-in.

  • Expand or contract services as per the requirement.

  • SaaS supports an increasingly mobile workforce.

Improves Customer Service

  • Direct customer-vendor connection to resolve problems.

  • Vendors are being incentivize to provide high end customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Customers receive proactive support.

Improves Reliability, Performance And Efficiency

  • Cloud Service offers affordable enterprise-class IT infrastructure.

  • Uptime typically exceeds the value of guaranteed up-time limit for on-premises applications.

  • Data backup services are included.

  • It reduces power consumption and data center space.