Auto-Populates Data & Minimizes Data Entry

Deductor Master

Create Deductors by auto-populating the deductor details either through Income Tax e-filing Portal or through TAN Details.

Income Tax e-filling Username and Password:

  1. When creating a deductor, this gives you the ability to fetch the deductor's details from income tax e-filling portal.
  2. Using this mechanism, you will be asked to provide the deductor's Income Tax Portal's Username and Password, which will in turn fetch around 80% of the mandatory deductor details.

Know Your TAN

  1. It enables you to enter a deductor's TAN and a Mobile Number (To receive an OTP. This doesn't need to be the deductor's or responsible person's mobile number.) This TAN registration will show the deductor details linked to that specific TAN.
  2. Using this mechanism, Express TDS will be able to auto-fetch around 50 to 60 percent of the deductor mandatory details.

Import from TXT File

  1. Create deductor Master via TXT File also.

Deductor Master

Import returns from TXT, Conso Files & TXT files.