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Deductor Dashboard

Deductor Dashboard for Filed / Pending Returns and Correction Statements due, Status of processed Return (e.g. Rejected, processed with Default, Yet to be Processed etc.) unconsumed challans, deductees etc.

  • All the returns that exist as on the Current Date in the system (Filed or Not Filed) along with a short return summary and application notifies for pending return jobs.

  • View all the Unconsumed Challans.

  • View the list of all the Active Deductees.

  • A graphical representation of all the Deductees, bifurcated by their PAN Status.

  • Filter Deductees that come under the selected PAN Status.

Single Page View of All the Returns

Birds eye view from Return dashboard for Mapped Challan, Section-wise summary of the Deductee Transactions, Quick links and Graphical view of PAN Status & Challans

  • Check the status of all the Rejected, processed with Default, yet to be Processed returns in one-click.

  • Mark "Done" returns as on the current date in the system.

Auto-Populates Data & Minimizes Data Entry

Deductor Master

Create Deductor by auto-populating the deductor details through

  • Income Tax e-filing Portal

  • TAN Details

  • Import from TXT File

Deductee Master

  • Activate or Deactivate a Deductee.

  • The deactivated deductees do not appear as a suggestion while creating a new transaction.

Challan Master

  • Fetch Unconsumed Challan(s) from TRACESand Verify from OLTAS.

  • Import verified Challan to map Deductee transactions later.

Return Dashboard

  • View the complete return details of a selected deductor as available on the current date.

  • View the short return summary.

  • Challan mapped with the selected return.

  • Top 5 Deductees with Maximum Tax Deducted under the return filled.

  • Quick links for the actions you might want to perform in a return filing.

  • Section-wise summary of the Deductee Transactions created within the return filing.

  • Import returns from txtfiles and ConsoFiles.

PAN, TAN and Challan Verification

PAN Verification

  • Verify Single/Bulk PAN.

  • Upon successful verification, View the updated verification status in the system and visible across the website (wherever applicable).

TAN Verification

  • Verify TAN. This will check if the Deductor Name and TAN available in Express TDS is same as that fetched from the source.

Challan Verification to Avoid Defaults

  • Select one or more challan, hit verify to ensure that the details added in the system matches with details on OLTAS.

Challan and Deductee Transaction Creation

  • You get the flexibility to decide if you want to create the Challan firstor the Deductee Transactions first.

  • Within Challan/Deductee creation process, you can switch between the vertical and horizontal view of the creation panel so that you can edit or create data as per your convenience.

  • Multiple Options in Challan Section

    • Under Challan section prepare and print the Offline Challan PDF, which you can later use to deposit the Challan amount.

    • You can also view the total unconsumed amount for each Challan, as available in the software

    • Ability to view the total unmapped amount that can be used to map Deductee transactions.

Multiple TDS Computation View

Balance Sheet View: This view indicates total liability versus challan available. You also have an option to generate a Challan for the unadjusted amount.

Detailed Computation: This section gives a complete detailed view of the Challans created and Utilized and liabilities including the details of the late fees and interest amount.

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Easy Error Handling using Error Locator

  • Auto identification of the potential errors to reduce defaults.

  • Errors, if any, will be shown on a screen in a simple user readable format.

  • Errors can be viewed and resolved on a single screen using an error locator.

  • Generate the FVU is a single click after fixing the errors.

More Features

  • SMS & Email communication from Express TDS Itself.

  • JAVA Free File Validation.

  • Directly Upload FVU File Express TDS to Income Tax India Portal.

  • Seamlessly file 24Q and 26Q regular returns.

  • File a NIL declaration for a return.

  • Intuitive Interface and User-friendly.