Express TDS Software for CA Firms & Enterprises

Prepares TDS Returns 2X Faster

Now You can Generate and share the digitally signed TDS certificates
directly to your employees or deductees from ExpressTDS

  • Simply Raise a request to Traces from software for Zip file to generate Form-16, Form 16A and 27D

  • As soon as the Zip file is available, simply click on Generate PDF button using DSC within seconds

  • Quickly Share the Digitally Signed Form 16/Form 16A and 27D directly to your employees or deductees on their email ID.

  • No hassle of installing JAVA or using pdf convertor utility.

  • The Unsigned copy can also be generated

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File Original & Correct TDS Return, Verify Bulk PAN, File Form 16 & 16A Online
with the Best Online TDS Filing Software for CA Firms & Enterprises

  • All assesses who fall under the tax bracket set forth by the Income Tax Department are required to file TDS returns. Electronic submission of TDS returns is required.

  • Timely Filing of TDS returns enables deductee to get TDS certificates commonly known as Form 16 & Form 16A.

  • Nowadays, this process of filing TDS returns is Online and the need to have the online TDS return filing Software which can be accessed from "anywhere anytime" is also growing.

  • TDS filing includes bulky data and the process of is also cumbersome due to JAVA and CSI file dependency in TDS return process.

  • With ExpressTDS the best online tds return filing software, bulk data is processed in few minutes. There is no dependency on JAVA installation or download of CSI file for TDS returns process.

Key Features of ‘Express TDS’


Anytime Anywhere

Stay home and Remain COVID-Safe! Prepare TDS Returns from anywhere No more visiting the TIN facilitation centers.

Verify PAN

Verify PANs in Bulk in single click.

Easy Challan to Transaction Mapping

Simply Drag and Drop to map your Challan and Transaction in one go.

Early Warnings

Early stage warnings with 100+ validation to generate FVU in one go.

Easy Error Fixing

Validate return and fix errors without having to anywhere navigate.

Balance sheet view for Liability and Available Challans

Balance sheet views for easy understanding of liabilities and liquidity.

List of unconsumed Challan

No need to enter your challans manually. Get the complete list of unconsumed Challans.

Error Free JAVA-less FUV Generation

with ExpressTDS you no longer have to install and update JAVA utility.

No more CSI File Download

Be ensured that technicalities link CSI, etc. will be taken care by us.

Conso File Download

No more visits needed to TRACES. Request and download the Conso Files, within ExpressTDS.

Detailed TDS Computation

View the detailed analysis of your return in a single click.

No Training Required

Single Sign-Up and Intuitive Navigation so that you don't get stuck anywhere.

Express TDS - The #1 TDS Return Online Filing Software in India

ExpressTDS is the online TDS return filing website which is used by all Tax Professionals,
Chartered Accountants and has become the preferred choice for easy and simple filing of TDS returns.

How easy and simplified is it?

  • It helps you prepare TDS return through single excel sheet!.

    • Bulk PAN verification

    • No Dependency on Java Installation or Update

    • No requirement of CSI file download for TDS return

  • It fetches the challan directly from the government website, no need to enter the challan details.

  • Mapping of Deductee entry to Challan Entry with one simple feature of drag and drop.

  • Not only this, even the health of your return is checked, so that the need to file a correction return does not arise at all.

Fill form 16, Form 16A, Form 27Q, Form 26Q, & Form 24Q, etc.
Online from Anywhere in India

  • You can Prepare TDS Return for Form 26Q( Other then Salary), Form 24Q (Salary), 27EQ and Form 27Q(Non- resident), Correction return online using ExpressTDS software.

  • The return can be prepared by using one single Excel file.

  • If there are any errors in the return, they are shown just before creating the return file i.e. FVU.

  • The process to view and fix errors is very simple, you can just click on the Eye shaped button and the software will take you directly to the data entry having the error, you can simply fix the error and come back to the return generation screen.

The Best Cloud Based TDS Return Filing Tool for CAs, Tax Practitioners, Corporates & Enterprises

Express TDS software has become the best software for filing TDS returns now a days due to its ability of smooth filing using easiest user interface and not only that the Return preparation using the Excel, the data import by using just TXT file, Creation of client master through TXT file and even the simple process of requesting the justification or correction through the pre-available data in software, makes the ExpressTDS software the most desirable and the best online TDS return filing Software.

What adds to the charm of the ExpressTDS software is that it is cloud based, i.e. this can be accessed from any part of the globe just by using the registered login number.

ExpressTDS is connected to the online return filing website so making it possible to fetch the challan data online without moving out of the browser.

Moreover, last but not the least, the capacity of running bulk pan verification, by bulk we mean thousands of PAN's, is what makes it different from any other software.

Unlike any desktop application, ExpressTDS has the capacity of processing lakhs of records in few minutes which makes it useful for corporates having large data.

For CA's, Tax practitioners and Enterprises also, expressTDS comes as a savior for handling multiple and large data within few minutes and that too accurately.

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Deductor Dashboard

Deductor Dashboard for Filed / Pending Regular and Correction Statements, Status of processed Return (e.g. Rejected, processed with Default, Yet to be Processed etc.) unconsumed challans, deductees etc.

  • View all the returns that exist as on the current date in the software (Filed or Not Filed) on a singal page.

  • Software update you for any pending return jobs.

  • View all the Unconsumed Challans.

  • View the list of all the Active Deductees.

  • A graphical representation of all the Deductees, bifurcated by their PAN Status.

  • Filter Deductees that come under the selected PAN Status.

Single Page View of All the Returns

Birds eye view from Return dashboard for Mapped Challan, Section-wise summary of the Deductee Transactions, Quick links and Graphical view of PAN Status & Challans

  • Check the status of all the Rejected, processed with Default, yet to be Processed returns in one-click.

  • Mark "Done" returns as on the current date in the system.

Auto-Populates Data & Minimizes Data Entry

Deductor Master

Create Deductor by auto-populating the deductor details through

  • Income Tax e-filing Portal

  • TAN Details

  • Import from TXT File

Deductee Master

  • Activate or Deactivate a Deductee.

  • The deactivated deductees do not appear as a suggestion while creating a new transaction.

Challan Master

  • Fetch Unconsumed Challan(s) from TRACES and Verify from OLTAS.

  • Import verified Challan to map Deductee transactions later.

Return Dashboard

  • View the complete return details of a selected deductor as available on the current date.

  • View the short return summary.

  • Challan mapped with the selected return.

  • Top 5 Deductees with Maximum Tax Deducted under the return filled.

  • Quick links for actions you might want to perform in a return filing.

  • Section-wise summary of the Deductee Transactions created within the return filing.

  • Import returns from txt and Conso Files.

PAN, TAN and Challan Verification

PAN Verification

  • Verify Single/Bulk PAN.

  • Upon successful verification, View the updated verification status in the system and across the website.

TAN Verification

  • Verify TAN. Check if the Deductor Name and TAN available in Express TDS is same as that fetched from the source.

Challan Verification to Avoid Defaults

  • Select one or more challan, hit verify to ensure that the details added in the software matches with details on OLTAS.

Challan and Deductee Transaction Creation

  • The flexibility to decide if you want to create the Challan first or the Deductee Transactions first.

  • Within Challan/Deductee creation process, switch between the vertical and horizontal view of the panel so that you can edit or create data as per your convenience.

  • Multiple Options in Challan Section

    • Under Challan section prepare and print the Offline Challan PDF, which you can later use to deposit the Challan amount.

    • View the total unconsumed amount for each Challan, as available in the software.

    • View the total unmapped amount that can be used to map Deductee transactions.

Multiple TDS Computation View

Balance Sheet View: Get a complete understanding of your return's total liability and challan availalibility. generate Challans for unadjusted amount.

Detailed Computation: Understand the return's status using our Detailed Computation feature. Get a summary of the Challans created and utilzed, Liabilites and Defaults.

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Easy Error Handling using Error Locator

  • Auto identification of the potential errors to reduce defaults.

  • Errors, if any, will be shown on screen in a simple user readable format.

  • Errors can be viewed and resolved on a single screen using error locator.

  • Generate FVU a single click after fixing the errors.

More Features

  • SMS & Email communication from Express TDS Itself.

  • JAVA Free File Validation.

  • Directly Upload FVU File Express TDS to Income Tax India Portal.

  • Seamlessly file 24Q and 26Q regular and correction returns.

  • File a NIL declaration for a return.

  • Intuitive and User-friendly Interface.